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Amplify Your Global Impact

This Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day 2024, we’ve partnered with to accelerate the transition to solar and promote responsible end-of-life management., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, enables clean energy developments where they’re needed most—in developing markets with carbon-intensive, coal-based power grids. Their shovel-ready solar projects have five times the impact, and prevent more carbon per dollar than any other investment. During the month of April, We Recycle Solar will donate 1 Panel to the Renewables Fund for every 10 modules recycled through its facilities.
Every 10 panels you recycle through us reduce greenhouse gases (CO2) equivalent to:
  • 299 pounds of burned coal
  • 684 miles driven by a gas car
  • 32,445 charging smartphones
  • Partner with a trusted Solar Recycling Provider with a proven track record
  • Make a positive impact with your recycling project by supporting a great cause.
  • Demonstrated Your Leadership in Sustainability
  • Strengthened Your Industry Influence
  • Furthered Global Efficiency and Innovation
  • Build Solar Where it Does the Most Good

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