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About - We Recycle Solar

National PV Disposal Provider

We Recycle Solar is innovating the lifecycle management process for your photovoltaic devices. We bring decades of expertise in asset recovery and electronics recycling to the solar industry, acting as your single-source disposal provider for excess, recalled, and end-of-life solar products such as panels, energy storage, and more.

We Recycle Solar is proud to partner with the industry’s leading utilities, O & M professionals, manufacturers, and contractors in a range of projects from coast to coast.

Pioneering End-of-Life
Solar Solutions

Through the environmentally responsible, client-focused solutions that We Recycle Solar delivers, our clients benefit from increased value from their end-of-life products, complete compliance at the state, federal, and global level, and total brand protection from the perils of an open gray market

Our Solutions Include, but Are not Limited to:

Solar Panel

Decommissioning Planning

Equipment Value Recovery


Partnering with - We Recycle Solar

Our Mission

To provide the industry’s most complete, professional, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solar panel recycling services – we want to be your solar partner, working together to ensure we accomplish your solar goals..

Global Reach

Our value recovery operations footprint spans over 4 countries, providing you with the global capability to process up to 100,000 pounds of equipment every day in each facility, while we still provide tailor-made recovery and returns management solutions that fit every need and budget

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