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Expert Witness Services

We are the subject matter experts that you can trust because this field is our entire focus – solar is what we do.

Not only do we understand and handle the disposal and recycling of solar panels, energy storage systems, inverters, and related equipment – more importantly, our expert witness services provide insight to the mandated regulations that come with solar site decommissioning and planning.

Our expert witness services can provide insurance companies, legal teams, and other parties with comprehensive testimony rooted in a deep knowledge of the solar industry and activity related to photovoltaic equipment.

You can be confident that our subject matter experts will provide professional and meaningful testimony, explained so that all parties have an understanding of the topic at hand. Along with our environment consulting, which provides detailed compliance assessments and planning, hazardous materials management consulting and training, and support, the We Recycle Solar team of expert witnesses draw on their knowledge and experience while partnering with your company.

If you need a recognized authority in the solar industry, contact We Recycle Solar today. Our extensive consulting, decommissioning planning, and disposal experience provides you with support and expert witness services regarding an array of solar related issues. From reviews of documentation to independent analysis and assessment, our team of experts are here for you.

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For Expert Witness Services, contact the We Recycle Solar team today.