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Solar Decommission Planning

Ask any engineer or developer and they’ll tell you, before any project breaks ground, there must be a solar decommission plan in place for the future.
Solar decommission planning usually involves these key phases:

While decommissioning speaks to that last phase – removing any abandoned solar panels, racking, and other equipment – this planning is for more than a simple tear down, and We Recycle Solar can help you detail this plan for all parties involved.
The need to outline your firm’s understanding of the asset retirement obligation (ARO), disposal and recycling, and remediation of the site is what our solar decommission planning provides.

With estimated cost scheduling related to the anticipated life of the project, the present value cost of any decommissioning services, and considerations for repowering, We Recycle Solar’s experienced solar decommission planning team outline theses details now, proving that you and your team are ready for the next 20 – 40 years when this plan might come into service.

With more states outlining ordinances, the process of solar decommission planning is rapidly evolving. Municipalities look for AROs and assurances that the sites will not be abandoned or otherwise negatively impact the surrounding areas.

Our planning and consulting on solar decommissioning projects, including the actual tear downs and recycling of solar panels and equipment, allow developers and engineers to focus on today’s tasks.

Whether you are interested in resources to get a project through the permitting agency quickly (with lower financial bonding), or just want to learn more about our solar decommission planning, contact the We Recycle Solar team today.

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