Solar Insurance Claim Value Recovery

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In the solar industry, valuable equipment such as panels, inverters, and optimizers are left exposed to the elements. The risk of potential damage due to weather events such as hail storms or debris impact after high winds is significant and this damage can lead to a total loss on damaged solar panels. A degradation of the entire solar installation can ensue, lessening the total potential power output.

As an insurer of solar industry professionals, your loss adjustment and risk management teams must understand and anticipate the needs of O & M professionals, developers, and contractors across all phases of a solar installation’s lifetime, from decommissioning planning to tear-downs and value recovery.

When equipment reaches its end-of-life due to damage, this does not mean that there is a total loss during a claim. We Recycle Solar provides a value recovery process for insurance providers that is unique in the solar industry and can help you to recover value from these types of solar claims.

Valuable materials from solar equipment, such as silver from panels, can often be harvested for reuse. Other materials can be scraped and recycled to realize value from what would otherwise be considered a total loss if sent to a landfill.

With our unique, direct-to-refinery approach and no-landfill policy, We Recycle Solar limits the impact that damage pieces of equipment might leave on the environment while providing clients with as much value as can be possibly recovered.

With decades of experience in the industry, We Recycle Solar’s process of providing value recovery on solar insurance claims stands alone as an environmentally responsible, profitable, and comprehensive solution.

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