Solar Panel Removal and Disposal Services

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Partnering with the nation’s leading utility companies, enterprise businesses, and solar developers, We Recycle Solar provides you with complete “cradle to cradle” service, including solar panel removal services.


Our experienced team works with your company during all aspects of a large-scale solar installation’s life cycle. From working with developers on decommissioning planning to the eventual need for solar panel removal services, and the recycling and value recovery efforts that follow, the We Recycle Solar team is with you for every step of the way.


Enterprise Solar Panel Removal Near Me?


We Recycle Solar is the nationwide provider of solar installation tear-downs. After on-site evaluations, our team travels to complete the environmentally responsible removal of solar panels, racking, wiring, and other equipment. Our service complies with all federal and state environmental regulations.


This solar farm decommissioning and equipment removal process can scale for even the largest clients. Our operations span across four countries and We Recycle Solar has the capability to process up to 100,000 pounds of solar equipment every day in each facility, ensuring that no solar panel removal project is too large.


To learn more about the solar installation tear-down and equipment removal services that We Recycle Solar offers, contact one of our specialists today.

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