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Solar Equipment Returns Management

As a solar equipment manufacturer, your business goal is simple. You want to fulfill the needs of your customers, and you do that through making innovative and effective products.

For all of the focus that goes into manufacturing and getting products out the door, there will always be an aspect of returns. That’s where the returns management program from We Recycle Solar comes into play.

Returns Management for Solar Manufacturing

With specialized returns management processes for solar manufacturers, We Recycle Solar helps you avoid the cost of returns processing. Our experts provide assistance in maximizing the recovery on your excess inventory and customer returns. Some potential solutions for returned solar equipment include:

Demanufacturing and product recycling as part of the return process can maximize the residual value of returned or excess stock. We Recycle Solar disassembles solar panels and equipment for parts harvesting and scrap commodities without threat to your intellectual property or brand.

Our processes also help you avoid EPA regulatory fines for improper disposal through our no-landfill policy. GPS-enabled downstream tracking technology ensures visibility into the end-of-life cycle of your products.

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