One of the most common questions that our team receives is a simple one: do you provide solar panel recycling near me?

This is a great question for anyone during a decommissioning or repower project. There’s so much that goes into the process of removing and transporting PV panels to avoid potential EPA (or another oversight organization) fines.

Finding a responsible solar panel recycler near your job site might seem like the easiest solution, but it is far more important to find a responsible recycler than a simple scrap collection agency that’s in a nearby town.

When solar panels are decommissioned due to damage, reaching their end-of-life, or as part of a repower, any material from these panels could be considered hazardous by an agency such as the EPA.

If you opt for an inexperienced or cut-rate disposal service, something as simple as the packaging of your old panels can become subject to fines when done improperly. If any equipment shows signs of rot from weather, hiring the closest solar panel recycler to you doesn’t mean that this contractor will consider OEM spacers and other original packaging that can minimize the risk of material spill (or further damage to equipment that could be resold later).

If you’re still wondering who the best solar recycler near me is, you should also consider that many recyclers, We Recycle Solar included, provide worldwide service.

The Best Solar Panel Recycling Provider Near You

For example, We Recycle Solar operates in four countries with the global capability to process up to 100,000 pounds of equipment every day in each facility. We are the solar recycling provider near you, no matter where you are!

As with any solar panel project, think about the big pictures and consider who offers:

  • Training
  • Written Program Development
  • R2 Certification
  • EICC Conformance
  • Auditing
  • Permitting

These factors, along with your disposal needs, should be your priority over a provider’s location.

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