Solar Equipment Disposal for Leasing & PPA Companies

As a leasing or PPA company, your customers rely on you to provide products and services that lead to the clean, green solar energy that saves money.

In a constantly growing and evolving industry, there are always new challenges that your business must face head-on. One of these challenges is rapidly coming to the forefront: what do you do with the solar panels and equipment that you collect after teardowns, replacements, or units that have simply reached the end of their lifecycle?

We Recycle Solar has decades of experience in the electronic recycling and value recovery industry that we bring to solar leasing and PPA companies like yours. Through our advanced, direct-to-refinery processes, we can provide recycling and value recovery solutions for:

As a globally compliant recycler, We Recycle Solar has the ability to process up to 100,000 pounds of equipment every day in our facilities. We work with you to achieve maximum value recovery on these assets, no matter the efficiency of or damage to the equipment.

This value recovery process allows for the refurbishment and potential resale of your solar panels and equipment as well – but in a way that provides you control and provides complete brand protection.

If you are interested in learning how We Recycle Solar can help your leasing or PPA company offload end-of-life solar equipment, provide value recovery, and protect your brand, reach out to one of our experts today.

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