We Recycle Solar Expands Partnership with Renewables.org

We Recycle Solar Expands Partnership with Renewables.org to Drive Sustainable Impact Through Tax-Deductible Solar Donations

Delivering Tax Benefits and Supporting Community Access to Renewable Energy

YUMA, Ariz., May 15, 2024 – Building on the momentum of their recent successful Earth Day initiative, We Recycle Solar announced the evolution of its partnership with Renewables.org. The expanded collaboration introduces a major opportunity for commercial and utility-scale solar developers, as well as Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and manufacturers, to make tax-deductible donations of surplus, residual, and used solar panels.


This is far more than just a recycling program – we’re actually clearing pathways for meaningful community impact and substantial financial benefits,” said AJ Orben, Vice President of We Recycle Solar. “By partnering with Renewables.org, we enable our clients to leverage their unused assets in a manner that’s both eco-conscious and economically advantageous – striking that perfect balance companies need to jumpstart their own eco-friendly commitments.”


Renewables.org offers real investment opportunities in solar energy projects across India and Africa, allowing investors to provide zero-interest loans that aid the expansion of solar power – especially in regions critically impacted by CO2 emissions and hindered by limited access to affordable financing. Creating a powerful carbon impact that investors can see, while ensuring they also receive monthly repayments over a five-year period.


Many investments are directed towards solar developers in the Global South, aiming to accelerate solar adoption in areas where environmental challenges are most acute. Other key benefits of recycling with Renewables.org and We Recycle Solar include:


·      Tax-Deductible Donations: Clients can now donate surplus solar panels, enjoying maximum tax savings from a certified 501(c)(3) organization.

·      Supporting Underserved Communities: Donations aid in deploying renewable energy resources in predominantly disadvantaged areas, amplifying the impact of each contribution.

·      Environmental and Social Returns: Contributions go beyond financial benefits, helping to prevent further carbon emissions and reduce reliance on coal-based power grids.


The initiative supports We Recycle Solar’s broader mission for the lifecycle management of solar assets, with many overarching benefits including:


Environmental Conservation:

·      Reduces landfill waste and prevents the release of hazardous materials.

·      Recovers valuable materials for reuse.

·      Lowers the demand for new raw materials, reducing environmental degradation from resource extraction.

·      Promotes sustainable practices and ensures compliance with evolving environmental regulations.

Major Economic Benefits:

·      Enhances cost efficiency by reducing manufacturing costs through material reuse.

·      Creates new jobs in recycling, transportation, and industry-related sectors.

·      Supports the growth of the solar industry by ensuring material availability and affordability.

Important Social Impacts:

·      Engages communities through educational initiatives about sustainability.

·      Lowers cost barriers, increasing access to solar technology in underserved communities.

Enduring Climate Action:

·      Reduces the carbon footprint associated with new material production.

·      Bolsters the transition to renewable energy, supporting global climate change efforts.


“Each donation through our shared program has the potential to generate five times the impact per dollar compared to other U.S. solar developments,” explained Lassor Feasley, CEO of Renewables.org. “Our clients see a return on their investment through tax savings and also play a crucial part to empower energy independence in underserved communities. It’s a win-win for all of us.”


Visit We Recycle Solar online to learn about the partnership, along with upcoming major projects, other initiatives, and to join the overall mission transforming the planet’s energy future: Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram.


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Renewables.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on accelerating the deployment of solar energy in developing markets. By providing financing to solar projects in the Global South and other developing areas, Renewables.org works to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy access in regions most impacted by climate change. Learn more at: www.Renewables.org.


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