Expanding over an area of 1,982 sq mi, Delaware is the second smallest state in the USA.  It is located on the Delmarva Peninsula and is joined by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay on the east and Maryland to the west and south. Delaware does not have indigenous fossil fuel reserves, hence its energy consumption is 75 times more than the energy production. 

Delaware does not receive high insolation and on average, it has 202 sunny days per year. Despite that, Delaware is making considerable efforts to expand the state’s solar capacity. In recent years, The First State has come up with a set of solar-friendly policies that guarantee economic incentives for solar generation. The details are as follows: 

Solar Friendly Legislation in Delaware

  • Delaware has a customer-friendly net metering policy. The excess units produced by solar plants are sold back to the utility at the retail rate. This results in considerable cost savings for the generators. Third-party solar financing is also allowed under the net metering law. 
  • Another incentive introduced by Delaware is the federal solar tax credit. According to this, tax credit up to 26 percent can be claimed on federal income tax. 
  • Delaware has an ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). It was first adopted in 2005 and it dictated that electricity retail suppliers should source at least 10% of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. In 2021, a new target was set according to which by 2035, the share of renewable power sales should increase to 40%, of which 10% should be sourced from solar PV.  

A snapshot of Delaware’s current state of solar is as follows: 

  • Solar Installed (MW): 159.8
  • National Ranking: 39th (43rd in 2020)
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 4.32%
  • Solar Jobs: 456
  • Solar Companies in State: 43 (10 Manufacturers, 22 Installers/Developers, 11 Others)
  • Total Solar Investment in State: $468 million
  • Growth Projection and Ranking: 468 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 41st)
  • Number Of Installations: 7,590

The average cost per watt of solar panel installation in Delaware ranges from $2.06 to $2.78. According to estimates, the average payback period of solar systems in Delaware is 9.83 years. It means that the initial investment will be recovered through electrical savings in a period of 9.83 years. 

Need For Solar Panel Recycling Solution

The true potential of solar power in Delaware is far greater than the current status. Ambitious targets and solar-friendly legislation have led Delaware on a path of becoming an energy-sufficient state. 

However, the rapid proliferation of photovoltaic technology also raises the alarming question about the decommissioning and disposal of end-of-life solar panels. Most experts agree that recycling old solar panels is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly waste disposal option for solar waste. 

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Unless otherwise noted, all data from SEIA/GTM Research U.S. Solar Market Insight