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Solar Industry Resources

Looking to learn more about photovoltaics, solar panel recycling, or the renewable energy industry? Check out this list of solar industry resources for solar industry professionals, manufacturers, developers, and everyone else who is interested in renewable sources of energy.

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The life-cycle of a PV equipment is not infinite, and right now there are a lot of questions around the solar panel recycling industry. View our resources for utilities, developers, and solar industry professionals.

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CadTel Solar Panel Disposal Solutions
Is Solar Panel Recycling a Problem?
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What Happens to Broken Solar Panels?
What Is Solar Panel Backsheet Failure?
What Kind of Battery is Used for Solar Panels?

The Solar Industry, by State

Solar panel disposal is a growing topic, not only for key states in the Sun Belt but for any region that explores renewable energy options. View our snapshots of the industry and solar recycling efforts in these states, including legislative updates, tax incentives, and challenges for the future of the industry for each state.

North Carolina
New York

SEIA’s Letter to Review Washington’s Solar PV Recycling Program