While the world of solar panels and installation is constantly improving, with increased power outputs from newer modules and equipment, there still remains the question – what do we do when this equipment meets its end-of-life?

The reasons that there are more issues with disposal and recycling are wide ranging, from repowers to weather damage. Whatever your reason for needing an end-of-life solution, are you and your company asking the right questions:

Why should our company manage solar waste differently?
What does our company do when it is time to decommission a solar installation?
How does a repower project effect my disposal needs – and how can I reclaim value on materials?

To learn more about what you should look for while managing your solar system, including disposal options, download of our free information that breaks down:

  • Legal Risk from the EPA
  • Risks to OEMs and Utilities
  • Civil Litigation Risks
  • Hazardous Solar Waste Management