Total Solar Inverter Disposal Solutions

We Recycle Solar is your complete service provider for solar equipment – from utility-scale teardowns of PV panels to the solar inverters and solar micro-inverters that make those panels so useful.

The solar inverter recycling process is similar to that of traditional e-waste – removing hazardous and valuable materials, scraping reusable material, and limiting the impact these older inverters might leave on the environment.

Leveraging our solar inverter recycling and disposal solutions, your business can realize goals of complete, global environmental compliance and the highest return on your end-of-life assets.

Compliant with R2:2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards, We Recycle Solar operates across four countries using state-of-the-art processing, demanufacturing, and asset recovery processes that include a no-landfill policy.

From our efforts of solar inverter recycling, parts harvesting, and scrapping, you can see the value left in these decommissioned, damaged, and end-of-life equipment that can’t be found when working with less reputable disposal providers.

As with all of our recycling services, We Recycle Solar provides you with:

  • Guaranteed evidence of service and destruction
  • Maximum value recovery of rare and valuable materials
  • Internationally recognized environmental compliance

Contact We Recycle Solar today and learn more about our solar inverter recycling program. We provide one-call resolution support and are always ready to serve you.

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