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Texas Solar Panel Recycling

At the heart of the Sun Belt is one of the largest states in terms of population, area, and solar installations. Texas is a top state in all these categories, with an estimated population of 29 million (second in the country to California) and the need for a lot of electricity.

Texans consume an estimated 13 MWh by a household annually while both the population and these energy needs are forecast to grow in coming years.

Current State of Solar in Texas

With so many people, and such a demand on the power grid, Texas has become a leader in solar installations. Throughout the state, there are 3420 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity installed in Texas.

Roughly one percent of the entire state’s energy is sourced through solar panel installations, with 1 MW generated for every 8,478 Texans. With such a demand, and the perfect location in the middle of the Sun Belt, Texas and solar power are both growing at extraordinary rates.

Growth in Installations and Texas Solar Panel Recycling

Utility-scale solar installations in Texas have dramatically increased since 2015. With under 250 MW of capacity installed in 2015, the total MW of solar installations for utilities increased to over 600 MW in both 2016 and 2017, with almost 1,000 MW installed in 2018.

With such a huge increase, many solar installations will undergo the need for disposal and solar recycling solutions. This may be due to weather damage, scheduled decommissioning, or repower projects using newer equipment.

texas solar panel installation
 Hutchins, TX Solar Installation – FedEx Ground Facility (image: FedEx)

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Texas Solar Panel Recycling

In addition to the large-scale growth in solar installations from utilities, enterprise business is also getting behind solar. These efforts provide numerous benefits to businesses, such as being more “green” and spending less on traditional energy sources. Just like their utility counterparts, enterprise business in Texas will need solar disposal solutions. These may range from solar decommissioning planning to the physical tear downs and recycling of equipment, meaning that as solar installations continue to grow, so will the need for solar panel recycling in Texas.

Unless otherwise noted, all data from SEIA/GTM Research U.S. Solar Market Insight

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