Plant It 2020 is a nonprofit foundation that performs worldwide tree-planting, donates fuel-efficient cooking stoves to needy families, and provides forestry, soil, and biochar education.plant it 2020

Through their tree planting events, the cooking stove program, and numerous education programs, Plant It 2020 has been a friend to the environment since 1992 when the foundation was started by John Denver. Many great organizations have joined the call to further the cause, and We Recycle Solar is proud to name one of our partners, EcoMark Solar, as one of them this year.

EcoMark Solar is committed to sustainability, not only in working with us by sending their damaged panels and modules for responsible disposal, but by joining the efforts of Plant It 2020 as well. As their CEO Jake DiRe puts it, “Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, we understand our commitment goes further than creating the best renewable energy solutions for our neighbors.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

It is up to us as leaders in the solar industry to ensure that environmental stewardship continues to be a key value along with customer satisfaction.

Although solar panels provide amazing environmental benefits like reducing fossil fuel use, as a whole the solar industry still has a lot of work to do to move towards goals of a reduced carbon footprint. Just as states like New York aim to be 100 percent carbon-free by 2040, the recycling of PV equipment and the potential benefits from these processes are only now becoming a major part of the industry’s innovation. As processes become more refined, more and more solar panels can be reused and less waste produced, driving solar energy into new areas by lowering the cost of equipment.

Hat’s off to the EcoMark Solar team for this year’s participation in Plant It 2020.

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